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SXSWi – Day One Buzz

It’s day one for the South by Southwest Interactive festival in Austin, Texas, and I’m lucky enough to be on the ground here at the Austin Convention Center. The entire city is buzzing with geekery – you can’t swing a 3-foot USB cable without smacking someone who’s busy blogging, tweeting or generally acting engrossed in their laptop or iPhone. (author included)


So far, the big buzz has been around location-based applications and services like Foursquare and Gowalla – and the announcement that Twitter turned on its version of location-based status for all users. Add to that other services like SitBy.Us and Plancast, and it seems that everyone wants to know where you are and where you are going.


One’s thing for sure – EVERYONE is using these tools here. The question will be if they can make the crossover to mainstream culture the way Twitter did in 2007. If there is a front runner right now, it’s Foursquare, with all of the exposure it is getting lately. Gowalla is putting on the full court press here in Austin, though Will it be enough to command the attention of the digerati?

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