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Old school or new when it comes to paid media?

When brands look to enhance and extend the reach of their messages, they often turn to paid media tools. Whether for a product launch, company news, an event or a new campaign, audio news releases, radio or satellite media tours and b-roll distribution help PR professionals reach key target audiences. Although these tools are tried-and-true, over the years, they have evolved to include “new school” tools to account for the prevalence of online media:

  • Blogger SMT: Similar to a traditional satellite media tour, this technique offers a spokesperson to bloggers during which an interview* is conducted live using a video conferencing technology such as Skype.
  • Multi-Media News Release: This enhanced press release is a package* that combines a traditional release with photographs and video and is distributed to both on and offline media, in addition to video sharing websites.
  • Online Videos: A more visual and creative way to tell a story, clients hope these videos* go “viral” and get picked up by online media nationwide.

But, by no means should old school techniques be considered obsolete. They can still be just as effective as newer options. It’s important to really understand who the target audience is and to look at all the tools offered to reach it in the most effective way.

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