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A new era of editor events taking the traditional press event online

In-person editor meetings and press events have always been an integral tool for introducing media to our clients’ new products and campaigns; however, shrinking editorial staffs, busier schedules and tighter program budgets challenge us as marketers to consider new and more efficient ways of presenting information to the media.

We know the average American spent 32 hours a month online last year, so it only makes sense to interact with media through the same channel. More and more, brands are taking the traditional editor meeting out of the hotel boardroom and onto a live-streaming webcast, hosting virtual press conferences. This format can effectively communicate your client’s key product and campaign messages and offer a number of other benefits.

Avoid travel and scheduling issues
While New York and Los Angeles will always be central locations for media, more and more, editorial staffs are made up of freelancers and contributors who live all across the country. Gathering your contacts in one place may prove more costly and time-consuming than you may have anticipated. Hosting an online event removes this barrier and can also attract attendees who would otherwise not be able to attend due to personal or professional conflicts. Writers and editors who may be on the road for business or away for a family trip are more likely to log on to a webcast for an hour in the middle of their busy travel schedules – especially if your product launch doesn’t always fall in a “convenient” time of the year.

Widen your reach
Most brands are eager to reach beyond traditional media and engage with bloggers and social media influencers. A webcast is a great way to present your client’s information to this audience through a medium they are most comfortable with and allows your brand to interact with hundreds of contacts at one time. This may also result in instant coverage for your clients, with attendees posting about your client’s product attributes or campaign details directly after – or during – the virtual event.

Offer more content
The options for providing content through this platform are endless. Encourage social media chatter through a live Twitter feed, deliver digital assets like photos and videos or engage in real-time Q&As with attendees from across the country. You can even provide media who were unable to attend with an archived version of the press event broadcast – something that media who attended could benefit from, as well, by having the option to revisit the information on their own time.

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