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The Secret Room Hosted the MTV Movie Award’s – Great SWAG and Fun

Secret Room Events along with Dr. Garth Fisher/Biomed Spa and Roger Dubuis hosted the 2011 MTV Movie Awards at the stunning SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills.  Owners, Rita Branch and Amy Boatwright’s, Secret Room’s is one of the premiere Celebrity Gifting Suite and Event companies, known for the glamorous, high end events they create, helping to launch brands through celebrity interaction with some of the most press worthy people.


Rita Branch & Neicy Nash Showing their Engagment Rings

Biomed Spa

Biomed Spa owner, celebrity plastic surgeon, Garth Fisher, MD, is well remembered for his beautiful work on Extreme Makeover.  Cell Ceuticals is a revolutionary anti-aging skin care line created by Dr. Fisher.

Rita Branch and Skeet Ulrich

Roger Dubuis is a Haute-Horlogerie Swiss Manufacturer of fine watches offering a large choice of highly complicated movements assuring that your watches are right on time.

Volodymyr Udovychenko & Rita Branch

Secret Room Events benefitted African Millennium Foundation (AMF),

a strategic non-profit and non-governmental organization committed to the social and economic empowerment of the people of Africa, especially women. AMF seeks to target poverty, hunger and disease at its very root by providing African women and children with the necessary tools for achieving self-sufficiency.

Humanz handbags are striking leather handbags founded by Shirley Tsang.  The glamorous bags were one of the biggest hits at the 2011 MTV gift suite

As celebrities chose their favorite size of her small, medium or large handbags in unique, beautiful summer colors.

Artist Marne Jaye

Marne Jaye is a truly talented artist, whose work really stands out.  She was gifting the VIP’s with their choice of her outstanding artwork!

Raquelle Bianco Jewelry

Raquelle Bianco gave celebrities their choice of her stunning women’s jewelry with gemstones, enamel, and sterling silver.  The jewelry is sold in about 250 stores.

Hollywood Baskets

Hollywood Baskets are a premiere company for sending baskets filled with awesome unique gifts.  They’ve been a Celebrity and Hollywood favorite since they began servicing the entertainment industry in 1999.  Specializing in 5-star clientele, they offer completely customizable baskets to suit every need.

NYS Sunglasses

NYS is a chic eyewear collection of signature sunglasses for men and women without the high price tags that usually come with quality sunglasses.  Celebs like to get their cool on, and with this group of sunglasses, there’s a style to enhance every face.

Sushiami, Sushi Style

Sushiami’s, Sushi Style is a brand new line of high-end functional ottomans that have the look of meticulously prepared sushi. Silk thread is woven on supple fabric to create the illusion of delicate sushi fillings. These multi-functional ottomans can be used as a single piece atop the sushi tray base, or as “mini” ottomans once the “seaweed” wrap is removed.   They have many cute products including adorable sushi style, sushi pillows dolls.

LA Splash Cosmetics

LA Splash Cosmetics makes a full line of vibrant, sexy, bold colored makeup for eyes, lips, and face in matte, metallic’s, mineral makeup and glitters. LA Splash’s line includes products for nails, primers, tools and accessories.


Spotlightbaby is a company devoted to empowering parents with the knowledge, tools and products necessary to help babies reach their full potential.  They had adorable little stuffed toys that you can attach the babies pacifier too!  A socially conscious company, Spotlightbaby also supports the fight against human trafficking, donating a very generous 30% of their profits to organizations supporting the cause.

Flip Flop Spa

Flip Flop Spa™ sandals come with interchangeable designs and interchangeable pads to exfoliate your feet while you walk, and an Essential Oil Pad, and a comfort pad to wear in between so you can say goodbye to cracked heels.

Universal Contour Wrap is a detox wrap.  What’s so special about this one is that they guarantee 6″ off your body after treatment that stays off for 30 days!

Real Resorts

Real Resorts gifted the celebrities with an A-List trip including an all-inclusive package featuring their top-of-the -line services including a butler to take care of all of their needs, their own private pool and balcony, spa services and complete privacy even with room service be delivered through a slit in the door.  Just between us, then who’s going to set up the Wedgwood plates and Sheffield cutlery?

With EZ Curler you put a curl-sized strand of hair into the device and it automatically wraps it up electronically then you just put a clip in, loosen it up and let it cool down.   It adds extra lift, volume and fullness to all hair types. This may just be the greatest invention to make curls.  It’s not out yet but there is an infomercial coming out.

Seychelles Shoes

Seychelles Footwear has a dazzling collection of unique sandals, flats, heels, wedges, boots and booties from vintage inspired to favorites for modern trendsetters.


Juliana Rojas, designer and founder of Gabbitawas born in Bogotá, Colombia.  The collections include striking Swimwear for women, a line for little girls, and Noche, a collection of high-end women’s dresses.

Peel Technologies Inc, invisibly controls your entire entertainment system: TV, cable or satellite box, Blu-ray player, AV receiver, Apple TV®, Roku and more. There’s nothing to plug into your phone, and no hassle with network passwords.  In three simple steps, you’re controlling just about any home theater right from your iPhone or iPod Touch by turning your into a tv guide.  It learns what you like and personalizes your search just for you.  Wow.

Teen Wolf Star Crystal Reed

Cailyn Cosmetics is a foremost retailer, wholesaler and distributors of all natural, quality, mineral-based makeup and skin care products. The celebrities, and VIPS at the Secret Room were always surrounding the Cailyn Cosmetics area, to check out their fantastic assortment of products.  They were even putting rhinestone extensions on guests.

Million Dollar Tan

Million Dollar Tan, tanning lotion is the perfect way to tan like a celebrity. We all know that tanning in the sun can cause skin cancer, and this is a safest way to have a Million Dollar tan!

Teen Wolf Tyler Posey

El Leon Spa is a traditional Thai Massage, and Bodywork and Healing Center with services such as Acupuncture, Bodywork, Facials, Hammam, Rituals, and Waxing.  The VIP guests were treated to on-site spa treatments.

One A Day Vitamins

One-A-Day Vitamins by Bayer, now has a brand new complete multi-vitamin called Healthy Skin Support made with FloraGlo™, that supports your skin health from the inside with lutein and other antioxidants like Vitamins C and E.

Robin-Ruth Hollywood Handbags, makes of fun line of canvas handbags, slings, messenger bags, laptop bags, etc. with the names of cool cities printed on them like Hollywood, Las Vegas, New York, etc.

Caribbean Living Magazine gave celebrities a seven-day stay to one of three Caribbean resorts.


By drinking Rebootizer at bedtime,  it’s powerful antioxidants and digestive properties support the body’s ability to fight oxidative stress by helping to clean toxins accumulated through excesses, before they become harmful.   They have a6-day detox program.  You can also take Rebootizer after drinking alcohol to minimize the next day effects.

Boogie Wipes

Boogie Wipes are “Snot Your Average Wipe” Ok, ok—it’s not my slogan! They’re gentle saline wipes for stuffy noses Boogie Wipes are available in Great Grape, Fresh Scent, Magic Menthol and Simply Unscented.

Rev7 gum not only tastes great, chewing it is a big ecological help since one of the worst causes of polluting our planet is chewing gum—yes that’s true.  But Rev7 doesn’t stick to surfaces and chewing it makes ecological sense!

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