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Secret Room Events Golden Globe Lounge – A Cocktail of Health & Style

Hollywood was abuzz during Golden Globes week as celebrities visited gifting lounges, gathering up hot new items from international designers as they prepared for the red carpet on one of the Industry’s most celebrated nights. For celebrities in-the-know, the Secret Room Events  was a go-to destination, lighting up the elegant SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills.

Aptly named due to its high-end clientele list, the Secret Room is always a hot ticket for A-listers during awards week, due to its luxury gifting, pampering and hospitality. Southern California’s photographers line up to capture the famous faces that can always be found on the Secret Room’s Red Carpet, and this year’s array of Nominees, celebrities, directors and writers were no exception.

And the stars shine at Secret Room Events  for good reason! This years’ suite was filled with luxury items including trips, beauty products, fashion, edible delicacies and libations. Golden Globe Nominees enjoyed flavored vodka, mochas and cappuccino from Illy before and after their trips inside the lounge.

“CSI” & “The Border’s” Sofia Milos

Stars turned out en masse for the event, including Quinton Aaron (“The Blind Side”), Kevin Dillon (“Entourage”), Anthony Anderson (“The Departed”) Sofia Milos (“CSI,” “The Border”) Janice Dickinson (“The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency”) Kevin McHale (“Glee”), Nick Krause (“The Descendant”) Callie Thorne (“Necessary Roughness”) and others.

“Entourage’s” Kevin Dillon

To Write Love On Her Arms – http://www.TWLOHA.COM

Secret Room Supports To Write Love On Her Arms

Many celebs’ first stop around the room was at To Write Love On Her Arms, a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.

Coloursburst Original Art – 

Elisa Marconi of Coloursburst Original Art donated original paintings that were signed by the celebs and auctioned for the charities.

“Sex & The City’s” Evan Handler

Glee’s Kevin McHale added his autograph to an original painting from Coloursburst Original Art, which was auctioned for To Write Love On Her Arms.

Nick Krause, Co-Starring with George Clooney in “The Descendants”

Sex & The City star Kevin Handler was onhand to receive a gift from Coloursburst Original Art.

Chick Boss –

The innovative jewelry from Chick Boss was also a favorite, both due to its unique beauty and social value, having been made by impoverished women in Guatemala to support their communities.

Collagen MD –

Respected in the entertainment industry for introducing celebs and the general public to hot new items, Secret Room also featured the Advanced Connective Tissue Formula of Collagen MD.

Chef Stef Candy –

Irresistible Treats from Chef Stef Candy

Delectable, must-have treats from Chef Stef Candy were a definite highlight of the day, with repeat visits to Chef Stef from celebrities and press alike.

Stephen James Organics – 

Health Meets Taste with Stephen James Luxury Organics

Gorgeous models adorned Stephen James Organics’ tables, and it’s easy to believe that these natural snacks from the Philippines are a smart, healthy snack idea.

Caribbean Magazine – 

Caribbean Magazine Offers Heavenly Destinations

The Room was aglow with the chic glamour of global travel, as celebrities gathered around the Caribbean Magazine display in anticipation of trips to world-famous resorts.

The Chia Company –

Tasty Health Shots from Chia

Who knew that chia was as delicious as it is healthy? The Chia Company, hailing from Australia, provided tasty drinks and treats.

Lotty Dotty

Adorable t-shirts for girls of all ethnic backgrounds are the ticket from Lotty Dotty, a Parisian-based clothing line created by Shevanne Helmer. Make sure to pick up some extra clothes for the dolls adorning them!

Pure Pedi –

Pure Pedi…Australian Footcare Extraordinaire

Australia made a strong showing with many different hot, new health and beauty items, including the wildly popular Pure Pedi, an at-home beauty and comfort item, brought to us by the lovely and innovative Sommer Shiels.

Nava Natural –

One of the best-loved displays at the Secret Room was the Nava Natural table, featuring demonstrations of skin care from the Dead Sea, which livened all of our complexions and spirits considerably.

Spa de Soleil –

Golden Globe Nominee Callie Thorne (“Necessary Roughness”)

Golden Globe Nominee Callie Thorne (“Necessary Roughness”) delighted in a generous giftbag from Spa de Soleil, which specializes in personal care, OTC, skin care, specialty treatment, bath, body and spa products, tanning, color cosmetics, hair care and more.

Fullbar –

Glee’s Kevin McHale

Fullbar’s table drew visits from the enthusiastic, health-minded celeb set, such as Nick Krause, starring with George Clooney in “Descendants.”

Sonas Denim –

Sonas Denim Rocks Secret Room

Actress Bai Ling and other celebs loved Sonas Denim’s adorable new line of skirts and jeans, which benefits the company’s animal reserve charity in Northern California.

Vegan Handbags from Izzy & Ali


Izzy and Ali –

Animal rights and fashion combine with Izzy & Ali’s stylish line of vegan bags, which look and feel exactly like leather.

Kelly Teegarden Organics –

Kelly Teegarden Organics: Healthy, Gorgeous Glamour

Kelly Teegarden’s Organics, an exclusive line of makeup and skin care, has an inspiring history: a two-time, stage three cancer survivor and mother of three, Kelly researched diligently and created this line to combat cancer-causing agents often found in skin care and make-up. Featuring gorgeous colors and healthy ingredients, this line is available in the Las Vegas Wynn Resort and other fine retail venues.

Myface Cosmetics –

Hot Colors from Myface Cosmetics

Myface Cosmetics’ table was a must-stop destination, due to their hot colors and display.

Vitamints: Energy, Relaxtion, Fresh Breath & More

Vitamints –

For on-the-go industry peeps, Vitamints offers fresh breath with a healthy line of mints for men and women, with relaxation, focus and energy specializations.

Dr. Philip Bronner –

Phillip R. Bronner, MD

Author and child psychologist Dr. Phillip Bronner was onhand to autograph his book, The Psychiatric Handbook for Non-Psychiatric Therapists.

Mantra Ayurveda 

The Elegant Fragrance of Mantra Ayurveda

Mantra Ayurveda added an exotic element to the Secret Room, gifting elegant bottles of lotion with an aromatherapeutic twist.


Delicious, Healthy Snacks from SOYJOY

Tasty samples of SoyJoy were available for the health-conscious set. Try the banana flavor, microwaved!

The exclusive, invitation-only event also showcased an array of luxurious products and services such as skincare, handbags, kids items and much more.

The event also served to benefit Gobble Gobble Give Once just a small group of friends in Echo Park, the Gobble Gobble Give event grew to feed over 5,000 homeless in Los Angeles, Harlem, Brooklyn and Las Vegas during the past Thanksgiving. Volunteers each contribute a dish, put together meals, and find those who are in need in their local neighborhoods. The charity has since expanded to a much larger group, each contributing a dish, plating meals, and finding the homeless and hungry in their local areas to hand out meals to. The Gobble Gobble Give event is different from many homeless services, as volunteers go out of their way to feed the hungry living under deserted freeway underpasses, in railroad yards, riverbeds, and empty lots.

cell premium – 

Renowned Swiss beauty expert Dr. med. Harald Gerny and his cell premium were an extremely popular stop at Secret Room, with the gorgeous Gabriela Gerny modeling the effects of the line. Dr. Gerny is world-renowned for his high-end skin products, which use the most innovative and technologically advanced ingredients available.  It’s easy to see why Dr. Gerny’s cell premium and website,,  is the future of anti-aging skincare.

Make Love Not Trash – 

Make Love Not Trash provided shoulder bags to carry the plethora of items gifted.

Suave –

Suave products for hair were also in demand and sure to become a mandatory item on many celebs’ dressing tables.

Bambi Style Lounge was held within the Secret Room Lounge, offering treats for celebrities with young children and pregnant celebrity moms.

Dolphin Organics –

Bambi Style Lounge: Healthy, Baby-soft Skin, Courtesy of Dolphin Organics

The Bambi Style Lounge was held within the Secret Room, offering treats for celebs with young children and pregnant celebrity moms. Dolphin Organics offered healthy, non carcinogenic alternatives to baby skin care.

Pink Lining –

Pink Lining Diaper Bags: Adorable!

Pink Lining’s bags feature chic, hip designs on diaper bags and more.

Sprout Network, Baby Hawk, Elyon MediSpas ElyonMediSpas.Com, Molar Muncher, Aroma Naturals and Norah Marler also had popular presences at the event.

Secret Room Events produces exclusive, luxury, celebrity and media gift suites during the major awards shows. Secret Room was voted “Best Gift Suite” by Huffington Post magazine and is known for producing exclusive events surrounding major celebrity awards shows, movie premieres, product launches and private entertainment industry related events.

Secret Room’s Rita Branch & Husband Volodymyr Udovychenko

Secret Room Events can also be contracted to produce gift bags for various charity and celebrity/media events; they are currently accepting submissions for the 2012 MTV Movie Awards Gifting Suite, to be held on June 1, 2012.

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