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Coupons drive mom word of mouth

The producers of TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” might just be on to something. A recent study from lucid marketing found incentives go a long way in motivating moms to refer a brand or website to their friends and families. That’s good news for companies looking to engage with moms and leverage their many relationships with like-minded friends.

Of the various incentives available, moms found coupons to be the most appealing; however, just throwing a coupon into the mix won’t help brands build a meaningful relationship with this target. There are several ways to do it effectively:

  • Online Contests: Drive product trial during online contests through couponing. It can be as simple as providing a downloadable coupon for every consumer who enters your contest. For those consumers who didn’t enter, providing a coupon during the voting phase to reward them for getting involved and supporting their favorites can also be effective.
  • Customized Blogger Content: Try developing creative contests, giveaways or promotions that will resonate with your target blogger’s readers. You can then offer product samples and/or coupons as part of the prize package, making it a win-win for your brand and the blogger.
  • Cause Promotions: Reward consumers who participate in click-to-donate cause promotions with a downloadable coupon. It’s a simple way to remind consumers that your product is tied to this meaningful call to action.

Today’s mom plays a powerful role when it comes to creating strong word of mouth for a product or company, and when used effectively, couponing can be an effective engagement tool for marketers.

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