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About Us

Red Carpet Events PR is a Los Angeles based firm that specializes in product placement, publicity, branding, celebrity outreach, entertainment marketing. Established in 2007, Red Carpet Events PR has become known for its unique approach to aligning the entertainment world with the fashion and lifestyle industries, and has an in-house art department to maintain creativity and quality control over all projects. Red Carpet Events PR will help start conversation with the right people at the right time with the right message. The team of experts is ready to deliver your message to the masses and help increase sales! Impacting the consumers, inspiring them to share their experience and your story with others, work closely as a team with clients to deliver targeted, comprehensive and highly effective PR and marketing campaigns, which in turn heightens consumer awareness and trade recognition.

Red Carpet Events PR handles retainer and project-based clients for Consumer, Lifestyle, Fashion and Entertainment brands. At Red Carpet Events PR doesn’t just push products, but tells stories. We create innovative, attention-grabbing news angles that get our clients booked in high-profile print publications, on television and radio, in industry trades and in new media. Through our strong relationship with key editors in print, online, and electronic media, we are able to strategically place fashion and lifestyle publications, trade and business publications and electronic and new media. Red Carpet Events PR gets clients’ products in the hands of celebrities to merit national media coverage through celebrity gifting suites at events like the Golden Globe Awards, MTV Movie Awards, Oscar Awards, Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, and Teen Choice Awards in Hollywood.

Red Carpet Events PR maintains a database of celebrity contacts including actors, models, directors, producers, writers, athletes and musicians. Through our close contacts with either the celebrity or their representatives, we create buzz and garner press coverage.

Red Carpet Events PR works closely with Red Carpet Events LA Style Lounge and Secret Room Events Style Lounge. These events not only allows companies to directly gift celebrities, but also capture photos of them with the product for promotional and marketing purposes. Through these effective and event-driven product placements, these events have successfully helped launch new lines, rehabilitate old products, and propel healthy brands ahead of the competition, consistently, for the past years.

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