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10 Best Practices for Pitching Cause Efforts to the Media

I recently participated on a panel organized by the Corporate Volunteer Council of Greater Boston. The topic was “Telling Your Story, How and When to Showcase Volunteer and Philanthropic Programs.” At Cone, we believe telling your story is a critical piece to ensure your cause-related efforts are most effective in making both business and social impacts. Read more

The survey question: What will media cover?

Two-in-five American adults read a newspaper every day. An intriguing statistic, surely, but one you likely won’t find in a newspaper. Read more

Don’t value output over impact

When it comes to embarking on a media relations campaign and generating valuable coverage, I’m still surprised at how many in our profession prioritize their efforts and approach. I don’t know many folks who don’t consider themselves, or aspire to be, STRATEGIC. Read more

Media relations can get a boost from face-to-face

It’s safe to say many of the media’s most influential editors and reporters are based in major markets like New York, Los Angeles or Chicago. Read more

Traditional brand marketing makes the cause stand out

Where would Susan G. Komen For the Cure be without the month of October or a pink ribbon? Where would Livestrong be without Lance Armstrong and a yellow bracelet? Read more

More debate on the FTC/Blogger Disclosure Question

Day 2 of South by Southwest brought (among other sessions) a discussion on “Measuring Blogger Credibility: FTC Regulation v. Crowdsourced Solutions.” Read more

Addressing the gray areas of the FTC blogger guidelines

No one wants to be the one who is made an “example” by the FTC – bloggers, brands and agencies included. However, the gray areas left by the FTC disclosure guidelines have many nervous. Read more

SXSWi – Day One Buzz

It’s day one for the South by Southwest Interactive festival in Austin, Texas, and I’m lucky enough to be on the ground here at the Austin Convention Center. Read more

Customer service is still key for your brand

Customer service is more than just a 1-800 line or salesperson who helps you. As a marketer, I believe it is really about external brand communications and ultimately enhancing brand equity. Read more

Sleeping at the Internet wheel

There seems to be a trend emerging wherein agencies and clients use new media and Web analytics to catch each other sleeping. It started with the Zappos agency review in July in which one respondent, Ignited, tracked Zappos’ review of its submission and found the company had spent fewer than 15 seconds per page viewing only five of the 25 pages submitted. Read more