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9 Tips How to Effectively Take Advantage of Celebrity Gift Suites

How to Effectively Take Advantage of Celebrity Gift Suites?

Whether it’s your first time or your fifth time working a celebrity gift suite, there are certain tricks to making the most out of the experience. Red Carpet Events PR will help to  Find out from the pros who run them what you should do, and learn from other gift bag participants and publicists what made their experiences memorable. Read more

10 Best Practices for Pitching Cause Efforts to the Media

I recently participated on a panel organized by the Corporate Volunteer Council of Greater Boston. The topic was “Telling Your Story, How and When to Showcase Volunteer and Philanthropic Programs.” At Cone, we believe telling your story is a critical piece to ensure your cause-related efforts are most effective in making both business and social impacts. Read more

Traditional brand marketing makes the cause stand out

Where would Susan G. Komen For the Cure be without the month of October or a pink ribbon? Where would Livestrong be without Lance Armstrong and a yellow bracelet? Read more

Best Practices for Celebrity Engagement with a Cause

Brands – and, increasingly, causes – have been tapping celebrity supporters for years, and it’s become a tried-and-true promotional tactic. But it’s important for organizations to understand what they’ll be getting – and not getting – when they bring a celebrity on board. Read more

Corporate Giving in Tough Times

According to initial findings released by the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy this month, corporate giving grew by 5.6 percent last year to a per company median of more than $26 million.  Read more

Social Enterprise: A Source for Innovation

This is an exciting time in the world of philanthropy. Strategic philanthropy and cause branding are both widely accepted as viable business strategies for companies. Read more

Knowledge Leadership Weekly Insights

It is fascinating to come across an article like one that appeared recently in the Cincinnati Enquirer. Read more