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9 Tips How to Effectively Take Advantage of Celebrity Gift Suites

How to Effectively Take Advantage of Celebrity Gift Suites?

Whether it’s your first time or your fifth time working a celebrity gift suite, there are certain tricks to making the most out of the experience. Red Carpet Events PR will help to  Find out from the pros who run them what you should do, and learn from other gift bag participants and publicists what made their experiences memorable. Read more

Chipotle Wins Big at the GRAMMY’s

Where this year’s Super Bowl lacked in issue-focused ads, a spot from Chipotle made up for it just a week later at the GRAMMY Awards. The two-minute ad, originally released online and in movie theatres, featured a Willie Nelson cover of a Coldplay song, and although it aired during a commercial break, it left many saying it was the best musical performance of the evening. Read more

Social media helping small businesses roll out the red carpet

Leveraging a celebrity’s name and likeness to help promote a brand, new product launch or cause campaign continues to be a popular marketing trend. But, as USA Today pointed out, social media are giving smaller companies the opportunity to play in the “celebrity endorsement” arena, for smaller costs, while still reaching a vast audience of potential customers. Read more

When celebrity pitchmen go bad

Hanes’ decision to end its advertising campaign featuring Charlie Sheen, following the actor’s domestic violence charges, comes right on the heels of a flurry of other terminated celebrity partnerships stemming from the Tiger Woods scandal. Read more

Best Practices for Celebrity Engagement with a Cause

Brands – and, increasingly, causes – have been tapping celebrity supporters for years, and it’s become a tried-and-true promotional tactic. But it’s important for organizations to understand what they’ll be getting – and not getting – when they bring a celebrity on board. Read more

Death of a Brand?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you’re well aware of the death of pop icon Michael Jackson. Read more

Celebrities on Sale

A couple of months ago, I got a flyer from a celebrity procurement company that advertised its clients at a discounted price. My first reaction was to laugh…how degrading, I thought? Read more

Celebrity Engagement

The most effective brand campaigns involving celebrities are those in which the program organically matches with a theme, cause or idea that a celebrity personally cares about. Read more