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Chipotle Wins Big at the GRAMMY’s

Where this year’s Super Bowl lacked in issue-focused ads, a spot from Chipotle made up for it just a week later at the GRAMMY Awards. The two-minute ad, originally released online and in movie theatres, featured a Willie Nelson cover of a Coldplay song, and although it aired during a commercial break, it left many saying it was the best musical performance of the evening. Read more

Creativity is Still King

When people ask me what my favorite part of working in PR is, my answer is always, undoubtedly – being creative. So, I set out on a journey to find out if others in the communications field, especially PR, are also thinking about this powerful force. Read more

Keeping luxury luxurious

What is it that makes those Vuitton heels so much better than your average department store pair? The leather? Of course. Hand-stitched soles? Definitely. But there is something else about those heels that makes them rise above the mid-market brands – and that something is perception. Slip those suckers on, and instantly, I feel pretty. A pair of shoes just changed my state of mind.
How is that possible? It’s possible because an emotional response like that is exactly what luxury brands want, and it’s how they differentiate, not just in that moment, but over the course of many years. Luxury brands sell us on that differentiation through a consistent, careful, unwavering commitment to brand messaging. And, it’s the emotional connection they create that positions luxury brands for less of a hit during economic frailty and a quick recovery thereafter. Read more

Coupons drive mom word of mouth

The producers of TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” might just be on to something. A recent study from lucid marketing found incentives go a long way in motivating moms to refer a brand or website to their friends and families. Read more

The Secret Room Hosted the 2011 MTV Movie Award’s – Great SWAG and Fun

The Red Carpet 2011 MTV Movie Awards Gifting Suite Is The Best Kept ‘Secret Room’

Secret Room Events, Roger Dubuis, and Garth Fisher MD/Biomed Spa of Beverly Hills, hosted the 2011 Red Carpet Style Lounge in Honor of the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, at the SLS Hotel in the Sulphate Hotel Ballroom, on June 3rd. The ballroom was filled with goodies and gadgets for the celeb clientele, and was buzzing with high profile guests during the entire event.Secret Room Events benefited  the African Millenium Foundation , which is a strategic non-profit and non-governmental methodicalness sworn to the ethnic and scheme empowerment of the grouping of Africa, especially women. AMF seeks to direct poverty, suffer and disease at its rattling stem by providing individual women and children with the needed tools for achieving self-sufficiency. You can find out more about the African Millennium Foundation (AMF) at

Read more

Facebook vs. Google: No one wins

By now, you’ve no doubt heard about the questionable practices PR firm Burson-Marsteller engaged in on behalf of Facebook to “raise awareness of” and “focus attention” on Google’s Social Search functionality. Read more

Branded entertainment: Marketers’ new best friend

In another sign of the digital times, a recent survey* finds Americans spend 14 percent of their total video-viewing time online – averaging 42 minutes per day. Read more

The social network and the power of social movements

It seems hard to believe a website created in 2004 to help college students at Harvard share social information would have the power to help fuel political movements around the world. Wasn’t the idea to let students post their photos online and find out someone’s relationship status? Read more

Social media helping small businesses roll out the red carpet

Leveraging a celebrity’s name and likeness to help promote a brand, new product launch or cause campaign continues to be a popular marketing trend. But, as USA Today pointed out, social media are giving smaller companies the opportunity to play in the “celebrity endorsement” arena, for smaller costs, while still reaching a vast audience of potential customers. Read more

A new era of editor events taking the traditional press event online

In-person editor meetings and press events have always been an integral tool for introducing media to our clients’ new products and campaigns; however, shrinking editorial staffs, busier schedules and tighter program budgets challenge us as marketers to consider new and more efficient ways of presenting information to the media. Read more