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Social media helping small businesses roll out the red carpet

Leveraging a celebrity’s name and likeness to help promote a brand, new product launch or cause campaign continues to be a popular marketing trend. But, as USA Today pointed out, social media are giving smaller companies the opportunity to play in the “celebrity endorsement” arena, for smaller costs, while still reaching a vast audience of potential customers.


One such company is Purina ONE (client), which recently launched beyOnd, a new all-natural dog and cat food. To help generate awareness for the brand and the documentaries it ran to raise money for animal shelters, the brand partnered with animal-lover and active social media participant, Audrina Patridge. She leveraged her Twitter and Facebook followings by posting messages about the documentaries and new products. Not only did this reach her 1.36 million fans, but other celebrities re-tweeted the message, reaching even more potential consumers.


Another example of successfully using celebrities in social media is through virtual press conferences or events. Many smaller brands are taking what could have been an expensive, live event and hosting it from a studio, virtually. This way, consumers can interact with the host, who is often a celebrity, expert or panel of both, even if they aren’t in the same room. During these virtual events, consumers and media can interact with the hosts in real time, which often results in social media chatter.


For all companies, big or small, celebrities continue to help brands tell their stories, and if the celebrity is a natural and organic fit for the brand, the results can be priceless.

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