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Traditional brand marketing makes the cause stand out

Where would Susan G. Komen For the Cure be without the month of October or a pink ribbon? Where would Livestrong be without Lance Armstrong and a yellow bracelet? When it comes to branding, it turns out nonprofits and for-profits aren’t so different – at least in the eyes of the consumer. Whether the dollar goes to the beneficiary or the bottom line, a recognizable brand image is a powerful tool in a marketer’s tool kit.

Our 2009 Cone Nonprofit Power Brand 100 demonstrated that nonprofits who take a for-profit approach to brand management can reap the benefits of additional awareness and increased revenue. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that six of the top 10 nonprofit brands were also top 10 revenue earners. And, our latest research proves nonprofits can use the same principles of branding their own organizations to brand their causes, too. According to our recently released 2010 Cone Nonprofit Marketing Trend Tracker, traditional marketing elements, such as an association with a special event or time period, a memorable color, logo or icon or the involvement of a celebrity or other notable spokesperson, help nonprofit causes stand out in the minds of American consumers.



What else can nonprofits do to ensure their causes break through? Check out our sister blog, “What Do You Stand For?” for more insights. In the meantime, we want to hear from you. What are your favorite examples of a nonprofit that has done a good job branding its cause? What were the marketing factors that left an impression?

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